Black Truffle Prosciutto Toastini, Quail Egg, Fresh Lemon Mayo
“Masquerade” which you can retrace the inspiration that went into this inviting appetizer, indulge in the feverish black truffle prosciutto toastini, quail egg and French lemon mayo. Only through flavours could one traverse the wilderness, seeing the vitality of an animal’s life within a culinary narrative.
Scallop Tartare with Crisp Shallot and Pesto, Green Apple, Tangy Mango, and Sweet Strawberry Sauce
Created with scallop tartare, with its design resembling an imaginative coastline, “Across The Pond” provides a striking proclamation of summer along the canvas of the dish. With its flavourful and appetising sourness, it serves as a perfect dish for the scorching summer heat.
Fresh Clams, Crisp Watercress, Seafood Cream Sauce
Buttery Foie Gras Rice, Silky French Spring Chicken Roll, Baby Carrots, Micro Greens
The chef has handpicked the luxurious foie gras to recreate a buttery-textured foie gras rice, alongside silky French spring chicken roll as they congregate into the luscious “Forget Me Not”.
Tiger Prawn, Homemade Herbs Pasta, Fresh Green Peas, Diced Mushrooms, Tomato Prawn Sauce
Red Snapper, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Baby Asparagus, Baby Corn, Seafood Sauce
In “Ribbons”, Tracy has redefined abstract lines with singsong vibrancy as they go hand-in-hand with the exquisitely-crafted courses. As her paintings draw on multiple streaks of emotions and light, the chef transferred these into a course named “Party”, using red snapper, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, baby asparagus and chosen ingredients, garnished with the premium house-made seafood sauce to enhance the freshness of the fish. Siding with an assortment of melon fruits, it is a reflection of the paintings’ adorning dots, trailing viewer’s enjoyment from the wall to the plates
Tender Pork, Seared Peach, Carrot Puree, Chorizo Polenta Cake, Fresh Micro Greens
Tracy adorned the skulls with paint chips that are made from glass medium and designs of acrylic paint, using authentic African animal skulls that were originated from the indigenous African landscapes. The chef followed the sacred ideologue and created “Wildbeast”, a main course that has given a second meaning to the wildlings that once roamed the Sahara.
Red Wine Braised Beef Cheeks, Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Nutmeg, Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Eggplant Puree Ratatouille
Green Tea Crispy Surprise, Sweet Beetroot Sauce, Pineapples, Gooseberries, Red Current, Fresh Vanilla Crème